the Gardens

La Casa Colonica faces a beautiful old-fashioned garden, with vines, lavender, a lawn and cypress trees. Beyond the garden lies the open countryside with paths leading to the Stretti di Giaredo. The hill behind the garden has chestnut groves, and mature trees and a winding lane passes the house on the way to the little hamlet of Cavezzana Gordana At the height of the summer a millstream runs through the garden, and collects in the mill pond situated near the kitchen door.

the Gardens

The Orchard, Meadow and River

Mulino overlooks a large meadow and orchard, which leads down to the river Gordana. The orchard, with apple, cherry and pear trees leads into the Meadow, where hay is made three times a year. The Gordana river is clear and shallow with rocks for stepping stones, and upstream leads to the stunning gorge, popular for walking holidays. Trout swim in the natural pools - it is perfect for a long walk on a hot afternoon.

The Terrace

Both Mulino and La Casa Colonica open onto a large sun terrace with comfortable outside sofas and chairs - an outside living room. It is ideal place for sunbathing or evening drinks. Geraniums cascade over the wall surrounding the terrace and large terracotta pots containing orange, lemon and olive trees create fragrance and colour.

the Gardens

The Stream, Millpond and Pergola

In high summer the millstream flows past the villa, and collects in the millpond near the kitchen door, and from there cascades down to the rivulet below. An evening barbeque in candlelight under the pergola, next to the millpond, with the fireflies darting through the wild flowers is the perfect end to a day.

The Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is situated in the terraced garden just above the meadow. During the height of the summer a cascade of water washes down the rocks from the millpond above. At Cavezzana, swimming is the ultimate relaxing experience, with the tranquil view of the Gordana valley which is home to the Stretti di Giaredo gorge, and the splendour of the villa, farmhouse and grounds.