Places to Visit

The Cinque Terre

These five little fishing villages nestling against the verdant coastline of Liguria are best accessed by both boat and rail. A boat trip starting from La Spezia, changing boats at Portovenere and arriving for lunch at Vernazza or Monterosso is the most spectacular way to see the villages. The seafood is fresh and delicious and the pesto sauce is the most beautiful shade of pale green.


You must visit Portovenere by boat. The view of the harbour with the tall coloured houses and the church and castle behind is unique and memorable. The church of San Pietro on the promontory is handsome and looks down onto the rocks below. Great restaurants, ice cream and good swimming off the rocks.

Places to Visit

Carrara Marble Quarries

The marble quarries up in the hills behind Carrara are an insight into the historic production and quarrying of marble from the mountains since Roman times. Taste the famous lardo di Colonnata, and buy beautifully crafted marble souvenirs.


This is probably the most picturesque seaside resort, with all the required ingredients, pretty town, good beach, beautiful bay, castle on the promontory and excellent seafood, and a boat service across the Golfo dei Poeti to Portovenere (it was the home of the poets Shelley and Byron).