Local Towns & Villages


The nearest town is Pontremoli, which is 4km away. It is a lively market town with an enchanting historic quarter, and a market twice a week. The old town inhabits an elongated stone island surrounded on both sides by the River Magra. Many beautiful historic bridges cross the river on both side of the town. There are caf├ęs, restaurants and shops, the Duomo and Campanile, the Castello del Piagnaro and two very beautiful piazzas. It is a very special place to spend an evening enjoying ice cream and people watching.


Parma is a rich city - rich culturally and rich visually, and absolutely rich. It is a university town, very hot in summer, very cold in winter, full of fabulous buildings, a beautiful park, excellent shops and of course the home of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese. A day in Parma is unforgettable - the Teatro Farnese is unique, and the restaurants are just so good. Parma is easily accessible by car or train.

Local Towns & Villages


There is a wonderful Thursday market in Sarzana, a city of great quality and character. The entire town becomes a market, and it is a very easy way to walk the city from the Porta Parma to the Porta Romana going from stall to stall, taking in the chic shops, the food stalls and the beautiful network of narrow streets. The church of Sant’Andrea, the Citadella and the irregular shaped Piazza Matteotti are highlights of this stylish town.


A pretty local village for a coffee or lunch is Bagnone, set above the river Tavarone, with two piazzas overlooking the waterfall and the rocks below. With the castle of Bagnone set on the hill behind the village and the Castiglion del Terziere close by, this village exemplifies the beauty of Lunigiana.